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Heavy Duty Limit Switch

• Universal (common) Cast Aluminium/ DMC enclosure.
• Same overall and general mounting dimensions and hence reduction in variety of mounting brackets.
• Rationalized design and construction allows inter changeability of parts.
• Special rubber seal (0 ring) on shaft for better protection against ingress of dust, dirt etc.
Enclosure: Weatherproof, field mounding type, IP65 Cast Al/ Cast Iron, epoxy painted, colour light gray
DMC (FRP) enclosure for use in corrosive environment.
Special flame proof enclosure for use in hazardous area, Group lla, llb, llc
Output Contacts: 1NO + 1NO/ 2NO + 2 NC
Contact Rating for standard models: 16Amp resistive at 440VAC
Contact Rating for models with reed switch contact: 30VA, 24 VDC/ 230V AC, 1 Amp. (please specify your control voltage)
Reset: Pull Cord Switch: Manual Reset Type
Belt Sway Switch: Auto Reset Type

• Separate junction Box for termination of cables
• Indicating lamp: long life led indicating lamp for indication of operated pull cord switch
• Mechanical flag indication for pull cord switch
• Separate reset lever
• Communication card (For Trip Indicator)
• Hermitically sealed reed contacts for use in extreme dusty and corrosive conditions

Heavy duty limit switch are extensively used on EOT cranes, conveyors, transfer cars, elevators, steel mills and mobile/ material handling equipments for sensing of end limits and position sensing.
Limit switches are enclosed in heavy duty weatherproof enclosure. The roller handle can be provided with different sizes and design to suit specific requirement.

Refer details like enclosure, contacts, contact rating etc under standard specifications of belt sway switch.
Specify Lever Types:
Roller lever with self-return and stay put type contacts
V shaped lever with self-return and stay put type contacts.

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Zero Speed Switch

Heavy Duty Limit Switch
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Heavy Duty Limit Switch
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