Capacitive Proximity Switch

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Project Description

Capacitive Proximity Switch Series CS

Capacitive Proximity Switch
Capacitive Proximity Switch
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When the object enters in the sensing zone of the switch, capacitance between two plates of capacitor (one plate is represented by electrode at sensing face of the switch and another by all surrounding material which is connected to the earth) changes. As soon as capacitance value crosses preset level, oscillator starts. This change is detected and resulted in an output signal.

Solid State Sensor For : Glass – Ceramic – Wood – Leather – Oil – Diesel – Water – Metals.
Capacitive Proximity Switch is a solid state device to sense position or level of any material.

  • Position Sensing : Plastic products, tablets, cardboard boxes, bottles.
  • Level Sensing : Solid, liquid, granules, flour.
  • Counting : No of bottles, boxes, pouches, etc.

Available Sizes M 18 M 30 Ø 50 / M 48 MOUNTING
Sensing Distance in mm for object not connected to earth 3 20 30 Non Flush
for object not connected to earth 2 10 15 Flush

Above sensing distance relate to mild steel target. Apply following correction factor for object other than mild steel.

Object Water PVC Glass Paper Oil
Correction factor 1 0.6 0.5 0.2 0.2

Sensitivity Adjustment

Capacitive Proximity Switch senses all metals and non-metals. The sensitivity of switch also depends on the surrounding environment. Therefore each switch is to be adjusted at the site to get best results. A muti turn potentiometer is to be adjusted to increase or decrease the sensitivity. Slowly turn the potentiometer clockwise to increase the sensitivity. Extreme sensitivity is achieved when load and ‘LED Lamp’ remains continuously ‘ON’ irrespective of object. This is maximum limit of the sensitivity.
Reduce the sensitivity by at least 2 – 3 turns than maximum value.
When switch is used for controlling level, sensitivity is to be set to minimum applicable so as to avoid false tripping by thin layer of powder deposited on the switch.

Sailent Features

  • Hysteresis : 5 – 20% of set sensitivity
  • Grade of protection : IP65 / IP67
  • Enclosure : Metallic ( Nickel-Chrome plated brass ) / Stainless Steel / Plastic.
  • LED Indication : Provided.

A. Supply Voltage: 10-30 V DC 90-230 V AC, 50Hz
B. Protection: Short Circuit, wrong polarity protected protected against transients and voltage spikes
C. Length: 100mm Max 100mm Max
D. Ambient Temperature: 600C Max 600C Max
E. Logic Available: NO / NC NO / NC
F. Max Load Current: 200 mA 200 mA (min 30 mA)
G. Switching Frequency: 100 Hz 1 Hz