Safety Cable Pull Switch

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Pull cord switch is mounted on the walkway side of the conveyor belt, preferably at about every 20-25 meters. When the rope is pulled from any side. The switch get operated. Unless and until the handle is reset to normal position manually, the switch remains in operating condition. Pull Rope switch All the Pull Cord Switches installed along an individual belt are electrically wired in series and connected to the control station by a two core cable. Therefore actuation of any one of these Pull Cord Switches will stop the concerned conveyor until the particular switch is manually reset.

A safety cable pull switch, also known as a cable-pull emergency stop switch, is a safety device used in industrial settings to quickly stop machinery or equipment in the event of an emergency or hazardous condition. It is designed to be easily accessible to personnel and can be actuated by pulling a cable or cord. Safety cable pull switches are commonly used to ensure worker safety and prevent accidents in various industrial applications.

Safety Cable Pull Switch Manufacturers, Safety Cable Pull Switch Suppliers, Safety Cable Pull Switch Exporters

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