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The ‘reed’ contact of the switch changes when operating magnet passes-by within the sensing range of the switch. The magnetic pickup will generate signal when geared wheel rotates. These switches require a magnet for there operation. The magnet is supplied with the switch. The reed element which is sealed in the switch operates when the magnet passes nearby.

Sailent Features

  • Non contact operation
  • Potential free contacts suitable for low voltage. Switches suitable for 240 VAC also available
  • High operating distance up to 25mm
  • Totally enclosed – Robust – cast AL / plastic enclosure for witch as well as magnet. IP67.
  • A special stay – put type of switch is developed which can be used to sense direction
  • Operating Temperature : up to 0 – 1200C

Magnetic Proximity Switch – Hall Effect Type : Solid State Output

Features & Common Specification

Supply Voltage 5 – 30 V DC
Voltage Drop Less than 0.5 V
Max Load Current 250 mA
Leakage Current Less than 2mA
Enclosure Refer drawing

Protections :

Reverse Polarity Protection Provided
Short Circuit Protection Provided
Protection against damage due to back EMF generated by switching of inductive load Provided
Ambeint temperature -25 Degree cent to + 70 degree cent
Hysteresis 3 to 20 % of sensing distance
Housing Protection Class Totally enclosed distance
Max Operating Speed 100 K Hz

Magnetic Pick – UPS

Magnetic pick up consist of permanent magnet, a pole piece and a sensing coil and electronic circuit. An object of iron, steel or other magnetic material passing closely by its pole face causes distortion of its magnetic flux field passing through sensing coil and pole piece, which in turn generate a signal voltage

Application :

Magnetic pick ups are most widely used to sense teeth of gear, timing belt wheel even bolt head, key-ways. 

Magnetic pick up with switching output

  • These pick up are provided with high gain pre – amplifier and signal processing circuit inside the pick up
  • They provided direct switching output
  • Application : Turbine, Generators
  • Advantage : Excellent noise immunity and frequency responses
  • Response even at lower speed, no missing of targets at lower speed
  • Supply : 5 – 24 V DC
  • Operating Frequency : 10 KHz max
  • Load Current : 50 m Amp max

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