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Beam of invisible pulsed modulated infra – red light is produced by emitter. This beam is sensed by receiver at another end (in through beam version) or reflected by object and received by receiver placed near emitter (in diffuse version). When this beam is interrupted by object, the receiver signal gets changed and signal is produced.

Optical proximity switches are used where higher sensing distance is required with non contact operation. The object can be sensed by three methods

Through Beam Type

Transmitter and receiver are enclosed in two separate housings. When they are aligned, light beam travels from transmitter to receiver. Object breaking the light beam causes a change in the receiver. This change is detected and output signal is produced to drive external relay.

Retro Reflective Type

Transmitter and receiver are housed in single housing and aligned with the reflector. The beam reflected by the reflector gets back to the receiver. Object breaking the light beam causes a change at the receiver. This change initiates an output signal.

Difused Reflective Type

This is a fixed focused type of switch. Transmitter and receiver enclosed in one housing. Transmitted beam strikes on the object (when the object enters the scanning range) and gets reflected by object surface. Receiver detects these rays and output signal is produced.

Special built in sensitivity adjustment tempot is incorporated to adjust required sensitivity at the site

Colour Mark Sensor

These are used to sense dark colour marks on packaging material. Transmitter and receiver are housed in single housing and beam is focused to a spot. In normal condition receiver receives reflected light. When dark register mark is entered, the receiver senses change in signal level. Thus output signal is initiated.

A special modulating circuit is developed and used in all Powertech optical sensors to make them unique for working in adverse atmospheric conditions.

Type OPS – S consists of separate transmitter, receiver and amplifier relay unit. Supply to the amplifier unit is 24 V DC / 240 V AC. A potentiometer to increase decrease sensitivity. Selector Switch to amplify gain (sensitivity) by 60, 100% and a timer potentiometer to adjust on delay / off delay up to 1 minute are built in features. A relay is activated having contact rating of 2 A resistive at 240 V AC. 50 HZ. 

Technical Specification :

Supply voltage 10 – 30 VDC 10 – 30 VDC 10 – 30 VDC 230 VAC
Size / Sensing Range M 18 : 1mtr. M 18 : 1mtr. M 18 : 100mm M 12
Transmitter M 30 : up to 5 mtr. M 30 : up to 5 mtr. M 30 : up to 1000mm
Receiver Rectangular Rectangular Rectangular Amplifier unit : panel

Correction factor for various objects

Material White Paper Black anodized Alu Metal glossy PVC Factor
Wood 1 1.1 to 1.5 1.1 to 1.6 0.5 0.4

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