Proximity Switch Manufacturers and Suppliers

In Process Industries such as fertilizer, steel, cement, mining, Thermal power stations and port etc Bulk Material Handling System is very important. The sizes of the conveyor to transport the material from one location to other are spread over several Kilometer, To Control and supervise the flawless operation of this system, Conveyor safety switches plays important role. Proximity Switch, Proximity Switch Manufacturers and Suppliers in Nashik, India

Capacitive Proximity Switch

When the object enters in the sensing zone of the switch, capacitance between two plates …

Inductive Proximity Switch

Inductive Proximity switch products high frequency altering field at the sensing face…

Magnetic Proximity Switch

The ‘reed’ contact of the switch changes when operating magnet passes-by within…

Optical Proximity Switch

Beam of invisible pulsed modulated infrared light is produced by the emitter…

Proximity Switch Manufacturers and Suppliers

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